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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Horses & Picnics

My name is Amelia. I am 10 years old. I have five brothers- Harrison, Addison, Brendan, Tate, and Nate. My family home schools and we have started a family business of making videos. We have just finished making our first one called "The Runner from Ravenshead." My family and Mrs.Giron met at CHEA, a home school convention, where we were selling our movie. She was selling her book in a booth right next to us. I have always loved horses, although I have never owned one. One of my favorite colors of horses (although I love them all) is black. My family lives in Albany, Oregon.

Thank you, Mrs. Giron, for taking the time to write a story for me. I enjoyed it very much. Hopefully we can see you again sometime soon.

Amelia sat on her bed reading a book about her favorite subject: horses. Suddenly she heard a strange noise coming from outside her bedroom window. She looked out and there in the front yard was the most beautiful horse she had ever seen. It was all white; so white it looked like it was actually glowing! The horse looked right up at her through the window and neighed loudly as if calling to her. Amelia felt a thrill go up her spine.

She raced downstairs and out the front door, letting it slam open. The horse was standing right there and it almost looked like he was smiling at her! He tossed his head a few times and Amelia understood that he wanted her to climb into the saddle. He was just the perfect size to mount without any help or the need for a stepstool. She climbed into the saddle and with a loud whinny suddenly a pair of gorgeous white angel wings sprouted out of him. The horse leaped into the air and beat his great wings. They flew up, up, up high above the clouds which looked like large wads of cotton candy below her. Amelia giggled and laughed aloud with total joy and with each laugh her horse grew larger and larger. After a short ride he began to slowly descend through the clouds, circling down gently so Amelia would not get motion sickness until they landed in a beautiful meadow. He neighed loudly and suddenly there came the sound of distant thunder; only it wasn’t thunder…it was the sound of approaching horse hooves! Amelia looked over to the nearby hill where suddenly over the rise came a small herd of horses in every color and size you could think of. They galloped near and began circling about her until they all surrounded her. Then…as if on command, they all bowed!! They went down on one knee and actually bowed their proud necks!

Amelia could not believe her eyes and wondered inside why they were bowing to her.

“You are their Queen!” spoke the horse upon which she sat, startling her exceedingly. Amelia practically fell out of the saddle she was so surprised.

“You talk?! She exclaimed.

“Of course, your highness!” responded the horse under her.

“Cool!” clapped Amelia. “What’s your name?

“Randolph, your highness!” replied her horse. “What would you like to do today?” Amelia thought about it for a minute then said, “Can we have a picnic with my best friend, Suzanne?”

“I anticipated just such a request and sent Hercules to fetch her for you.”

A neigh from high above their heads sounded and Amelia looked up to see a beautiful black horse with black wings circling down with her best friend, Suzanne, on its back. Amelia bounced up and down in excitement, waving her arms in excitement.

“Over here! Over here!” she yelled. Hercules landed upon the meadow and knelt down so Suzanne could easily dismount. Randolph did the same and the two girls ran for each other, grabbed each other’s hands, and jumped up and down with glee.

“Behold my ladies,” said her horse Randolph. The girls turned around and there on the grass was a picnic blanket and basket full of their favorite goodies.

The girls sat down and began pulling all the wonderful food out of the basket. Amelia’s face fell with dismay; all the food was stuff she couldn’t eat because of her allergies.

“Randolph, I can’t eat any of this,” she said; her disappointment clear.

“Today is different, milady,” replied her horse. “Today you have no food allergies; you may eat everything to your heart’s delight and suffer no ill effects.”

Amelia squealed with delight and dug into the brownies first, then the sandwiches, punch and fresh fruit. When they were done and their tummies pleasantly full they lay back on the grass and watched the clouds perform a show for them. They formed themselves into dancing bears and knights on horseback. Soon the clouds performed an entire play just for them. When it was over the girls clapped their hands in appreciation and then it was time for a ride!

Amelia and Suzanne each jumped into the saddle of their own horse and they cantered over the beautiful green grass filled with flowers for the rest of that day, giggling and even holding hands at times. The other horses followed along and joined them, weaving in and out and almost performing a dance as they ran alongside. When the sun began to set, it was time for them to say their goodbyes.

“See you tomorrow in the real world, Amelia!” her friend Suzanne said, hugging her goodbye.

“Okay! See you soon!” replied Amelia. They waved goodbye and then Randolph and Hercules took off into the sky and brought each girl safely home before bedtime. That night Amelia drifted off to sleep with a happy smile upon her face, thinking of all the wonderful things she had done that day.

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