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Monday, January 3, 2011

Reviews for Make a Wish

THE best book EVER!!!!
 Do you ever wish your dream could come true? Or that you could have just one more moment with a deceased love one to tell them how much they meant to you? If you do, then this is an absolutely FANTABULOUS book just for you. This author is like no other author, and God truly uses her to share happiness in the lives of others. I'm still, as I sit here sharing my thoughts on this book, in awe of how completely incredible this book is.

In this "Make a Wish" book, Marlayne Giron creates short stories from peoples wishes. These stories play out like they would if it really happened. Marlayne, at the beginning of each "wish"/chapter tells a little bit about the person and their wish, and then jumps into the wish fulfillment story that stars that wish maker. Each wish is unique, some are about dreams and hopes of marrying prince charmings or knights in shining armor, some about getting that one more moment with a loved one, and some of them about getting one more chance to walk again. No matter what they are about, though, each have something in common with the one before it: they are all gifts from God. They are, simply put: beautiful. Of course, while many while make you smile, you must have LOTS of Kleenex available, for you will cry rivers after reading some (or, in my case, ALL) of them.

If there was any way possible, I would give this book 5 TRILLION stars instead of simply 5. Yes, it will remind you a lot of the "Make A Wish Foundation", but it's beautiful just like that. This book of wish fulfillments isn't just for kids, like the MAW Foundation....it's for ALL of God's wonderful children, both young and old. So, whether you have a wish or not, I HIGHLY recommend this book to every one. You will fall in love with the book and it's author. And, if you didn't have a wish before, this book will leave you wishing...and hoping...and dreaming. And, if that happens, you should contact Marlayne! With God's guidance, she'll make it come true for you. I should know-she fulfilled my wish for me, too!- http://reviewsbymolly.blogspot.com/

Heart touching fairy tales for real life
Do you have a moment in time you wish you could relive? Do you ever wish your dream could come true? Or that you could have just one more moment with a deceased love one to tell them how much they meant to you? Everyone does, no matter what their age. Author Marlayne Giron has found the way to make this happen for several people in a very unique, faith-filled way.

In "Make a Wish", Marlayne Giron creates short stories from people's wishes. At the beginning of each chapter Marlayne tells a little bit about the person and their wish, then jumps into their wish fulfillment story. Each wish is unique, some about hopes of marrying, whether it be a Japanese Christian, a Prince Charming, or a noble Knight. A few are about getting that one more moment with a loved one, a chance to say what you didn't get to say or to let them know how much you miss them and love them. For one, it is about one more chance to walk again, and another, a chance to say what he never can to his parents, play basketball with his father and take his mother and sister for a day of pampering. No matter what they are about, though, they all have one thing in common: all are gifts from God. You will run through many emotions while reading Marlayne's wish fulfillment stories - laughter, happiness, joy, sadness and heartache. But your heart and soul will be touched in a beautiful, uplifting way.-I highly recommend reading "Make A Wish" to everyone.
- Beverly Grider (Beverly's Bookshelf)

The Silver and Gold of Writing
What Marlayne Giron has done with the hardships of life is nothing short of amazing. It has often been said there is a silver lining beneath every dark cloud. Although, that is a gentle word of encouragement, the difficult part is fighting through the darkness to see that glimpse of silver. Making a Wish takes the hopes of the oppressed and hurting on a journey into their dreams to search for the silver lining. Even when circumstance will not allow for a physical change in reality, one can never stop the heart from dreaming...wishing...hoping. When we can do that beneath the wings of Christ, the silver lining becomes nothing less than golden. Marlayne Giron has taken these true-to-life wishes and adorned them with jewels of hope and encouragement. She has taken the idea of a wish, and in the gentleness of her words, turned back time for just a moment...because sometimes; all we need is a moment.

Making a Wish will stir your heart, swipe at your emotion and make you stretch your arms toward the love of an amazing God. Stretch--dream--wish...for wishes can come true. - Cindy Sproles, ChristianDevotions.us Editor

Make a Wish...Poignant and Powerful
Imagine a quadriplegic man walking again, experiencing sensation in his legs and running! It is the fondest wish of a man confined to a wheel chair since the age of fourteen, so his friend, Marlayne writes a story that fulfills his wish. She writes a story where he is the main character and can walk!

Another one of the stories, sees a young J.R.R. Tolkien fan become an "elf" and live amongst the fantasy characters that Tolkien created in his Lord of the Rings books. A woman, mourning the sudden and inexplicable loss of her daughter, experiences one last memory-making afternoon with her; another woman battling cancer and fearful of dying is visited by other dear family members who have come back to her from heaven to encourage and to calm her fears. A family that loves watching the T.V. show "Extreme Home Makeovers" get their wish to get a brand new home. An infertile young couple get to experience the joy of holding their own child... Every story comes to life with vibrant detail and throughout the telling, the author fulfills the wish of every person and gives all glory to God in the process. This is a brilliant concept, (using fiction to bless individuals in such a poignant and profound manner) and the story lines have such limitless potential! Encouraging in every way, this book is a beautiful tribute to each individual the author blesses with a "wish".
I absolutely loved this book! - Lynn Dove

Review: Have you ever wished for just one more day with a deceased loved one?  Have you ever wished for something that was entirely impossible?  If you have, you'll enjoy Make a Wish: Stories Written for Real People Where They are the Star.

Make a Wish is a compilation of short stories.  Each story features one person whom Marlayne Giron, the author knows.  The stories reflect the main characters' deepest desires, whether they are to see a loved one again, be free from a physical limitation, or realize a long-held dream.

Each story is different in its own way, and each one was touching, especially when you put the story in context with the main character's real life.  This book kept making me cry, the stories were so tender and sweet.  There is a Christian element to Make a Wish in that several of the stories feature a loved one up in heaven.  I'm no great fan of short stories, which is what kept this from being a five-star book for me personally, but I did really enjoy this book. - http://idsoratherbereading.blogspot.com/ 

Exceptionally Heartfelt Storytelling by An Amazing Wordsmith!

It is not by accident that I am posting the review for this book on Valentine's Day. One of the most loving gifts I received last year was my own Wish Fulfillment story, entitled `Sword of the Spirit' (you can see my blog post here ([...]).
The story is included in this book.

The stories range from heartwarming to laugh out loud funny. Marlayne has a real gift for writing; each of the stories is a pleasure to read.

`Butterfly Kisses,' about a young lady taken from this earth far too soon, is especially poignant. `No Ordinary Day at the Mall' is Hannah, a Christian home-schooled blogger's story about her future husband - featuring her favorite - lots of flowers! It started out at the mall - but did not end there! That is a fun one! `Wistful Wedding' is amazing - a dream come true!

I especially liked the story in Chapter 35, entitled, "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes." This is the real-life story of how Marlayne met her husband, Michael. What a sweet, sweet story! They have been married for 24 wonderful years!

Marlayne has an amazing writing style; I love to read her work! Some people just have that gift, and she is definitely one of them. And she takes the person's original wish to whole new levels of tenderness and care. She is so creative and her writing is so descriptive; her imagination knows no bounds. Marlayne - take me away!

I can't think of any other book that is quite like this book. It is a combination of feel-good stories and tearjerkers that you don't find every day. You can set the book on your nightstand and read it over and over again.

The great news is that some Christian publishing companies are interested in publishing this book, as well as future books from Marlayne's computer. I just know this book would appeal to a mass audience, and I look forward to seeing where God takes Marlayne on her publishing journey, which is all to glorify her Lord!

The digital version of this book was generously provided to me by the author for review purposes.
Reviewed by Andrea Schultz - Ponderings by Andrea blog - [...]


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