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They are wish fulfillment's and the person for whom they are written is the star of their story.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Indian Summer

My wish was that I could grow up and have a relationship with the boy in this story, Sam, and become a singer.  We had been friends for about three years before we went to our second camp experience at Hume Lake, and it was at this camp that I lost my purity bracelet (in this story, it was a ring).  I had been looking for the bracelet all night and crying.  I told some of my other girlfriends about it, but they didn't seem sympathetic to me at all.  I went upstairs in the game building at Hume (if you've been to Meadow Ranch, Hume Lake, you know this as the ARK) and just cried.  Sam came in to say good night to everyone and noticed me.  He took me to the benches at camp and helped me to stop crying and get into a state of mind acceptable enough for the cabin, and then walked me around the long way back to my cabin.  Then, as I was just about to go up the stairs, Simon pulled me into a hug and I knew everything was going to be okay.  Through the end of the week, he made sure that I was ok and he tried to take care of me.  That week has been cemented in my mind, and sometime I wish I could relive it again.  The night that I was crying really showed me what a good friend he was, and what a great guy he is.  Camp inspired me to write two songs about this event and others, and my wish is that (when it is more appropriate for us) that we could have a pure relationship together.  Marlayne helped me to hope, and in a way, she fulfilled that wish.

                “Cathy – is that you?” said the distinctly male voice behind her. Cathy turned around from the registration desk then craned her neck back in order to make full eye contact with the owner of the voice.  A pair of dark brown eyes crinkled at her in a smile beneath gleaming dark brown eyebrows.
                The face looked vaguely familiar but the voice was much deeper which was to be expected since a good seven years had passed since she had last seen him…
                His grin at being recognized so quickly could have lit up the room. “You remember me!”
                Cathy blushed. “Of course I remember you!” She didn’t want to tell him how her heart had beat faster for him whenever she thought of him seven years ago. “What are you doing here?”
                “Same as you, apparently!” he smiled, waving his paperwork. “I’m one of Meadow Ranch’s camp counselors. I had such wonderful memories here that I wanted to relive them and share them with other kids. What age group are you doing?”
                “Thirteen-fourteen-fifteen,” Cathy replied, double-checking her paperwork. Despite the fact it had been years since they had seen each other, her heart was still skipping beats at the nearness of him. Sam had grown at least 12 inches and filled out nicely but he still had the same gentle look in his eyes.
                “Next!” called out the counselor registration clerk, holding out her hand for Cathy’s paperwork.
                “See you at the campfire tonight!” she grinned over her shoulder.
                “Absolutely,” Sam replied, dimples appearing on either side of his smile.
                The next few hours was a flurry of activity. She unrolled her sleeping bag and put her clothing put away in the platform tent then made the rounds to introduce herself to the girls in her group. Next it was dinner in the A-framed mess hall, camp songs, and clean up followed by the first campfire of the season. It was almost the last week of August but the air was turning cold and the leaves starting to turn the colors of fall. Cathy, Elizabeth, Emily and Sophie (all veterans of Meadow Ranch) helped the male counselors to start the fire then handed out wire hangers for toasting marshmallows as the campers gathered round. As usual the girls sat together in their cliques and the boys horsed around, throwing pine cones at each other and shoving pine needles down each other’s shirts until their counselor told them to knock it off. As each of the counselors got up, introduced themselves and gave their personal testimony about finding Jesus, the kids quieted down and began to listen.  At the end of the evening, Cathy stood up with some of the other counselors and sang a song that she had written herself, teaching the kids the chorus as she went so they could join in. On the last verse they all stood with their arms around each other’s shoulders and sang, swaying back in forth. Cathy’s heart filled with joy as she watched them and remembered how important coming to this camp had been for her when she had been their age.
                As the campers drifted off arm in arm to their cabins, Cathy felt a little tap on her shoulder. She turned around to find Simon smiling down on her.
                “That was beautiful, did you write that?” he asked.
                Cathy nodded; too tongue-tied to do anything else.
                “Would you like to go for a walk and catch up before heading to bed?” he asked.
                “Let me make sure all my girls are safely in for the night first,” Cathy replied.
                “Sounds good…meet you at the zip line in about an hour? Bring your sweatshirt; it’s going to be cold.”
                “Okay.” Cathy replied. It was all she could do not to run all the way back to her camp area. Instead she walked away purposefully but she could feel Sam’s eyes on her back because of the thrill which kept coursing down her spine. After doing a head count and making sure everyone was in bed, Cathy ran to the zip line where she found Simon waiting for her. He had a walking stick with him that he had carved, a flashlight and some leftover s’mores from the campfire.
                “So what have you been up to since I last saw you?” he began, handing her a s’more.
                “Writing and performing my music a lot,” Cathy replied. She then went on in detail about all the opportunities God had brought her way to share her music with others and the lives it had touched. “I have been studying music and taking classes to get my teaching credentials so hopefully I can teach music once I’ve earned my degree. What about you?”
                “I’m in college studying mathematics and engineering,” he replied. “I’ll be interning next year at an engineering firm but took this summer off to come back to camp as a counselor. I have so many wonderful memories here and I wanted to be involved in helping kids find the Lord or grow deeper in their relationship with God before going into the workforce full time.”
                The continued to walk and talk for the next hour and before she knew it, Sam had walked her back to her cabin. He took her hand in his and looked into her eyes very intently.
                “I really enjoyed talking with you, Cath,” he said. “Would you mind going for a walk with me again tomorrow night after chapel?”
                Cathy nodded; she was hoping he would ask her again. There was just something about Sam that made her feel “at home” and completely accepted. “I’d love to,” she replied with a grin. The next thing she knew, he was bending over her hand and kissing the top.
                “Until tomorrow, milady!” he murmured with a grin. He turned and walked off with a happy swagger in his step. Cathy turned around to find several heads peaking out the windows of cabins and doorways.
                “Back to bed! We’re getting up early!” she ordered her girls who were all grinning at her. She made her way to her cabin, brushed her teeth, changed into her pajamas and lay on her cot staring at the ceiling too excited to go to bed despite the fact that she had to get up at the crack of dawn the following day. Sam had unexpectedly come back into her life again and now all she could think of was him.

                For the rest of the summer Cathy was kept busy with various activities throughout the day: arts and crafts, hiking, swimming, zip lines, games but every evening she and Sam would walk together under the dark pine trees and talk about their hopes, dreams and future plans. The campers had finally stopped giving them grief over their nightly trysts and had finally come to accept their friendship as part of the daily routine.  Summer was swiftly drawing to a close and Cathy was dreading when camp would finally come to an end.  She and Sam had grown very close over the last few weeks and the thought of never seeing him again was weighing heavily upon her heart. She just didn’t know what to do about it.
                The last evening before camp was over they went for their usual walk hand in hand. Sam was very quiet as was she; she assumed he was as consumed with his private regrets at the summer ending as she was. They walked together in companionable silence then sat down just outside the mess hall.
                “You’re really quiet tonight,” Sam ventured, taking both of her hands in his. “Is anything bothering you?”
                Cathy nodded. “I’m really going to miss you,” she mumbled, wiping a tear out of her eye before it could drip down her nose.
                Sam let go of her hands and instead put his arm around her shoulders. “I feel the same way, Cath-“ he said softly, letting her rest her head upon his shoulder. “But I don’t want to miss you.”
          “What do you mean?” Cathy replied, her heart suddenly plunging. Had she been mistaken about his feelings for her all this time?        
          Sam pulled his arm away for a moment, dug around into his pants pocket and brought out a folded handkerchief. “I have something that belongs to you,” he said, placing it into her hands.
          Cathy looked down as he shone the flashlight down on the linen square as she unfolded it. There glistening fitfully in the moonlight was the chastity ring she had lost years ago at this very camp.
          “Where did you get this?” she gasped, her throat already beginning to choke up.
“I found it after you left camp seven years ago,” Sam replied, putting his arm back around her. “I held onto it all this time in the hopes of seeing you again.”
Cathy looked up at him; her eyes beginning to swim with tears. “Really?” she whispered. Sam nodded, took the purity ring and slipped it over the middle finger of her left hand.
“Will you promise to wait for me while I finish college?” he asked, looking deeply into her eyes.
“Are you asking me what I think you’re asking me?” Cathy whispered, her heart pounding.
Sam got down on one knee and held her hands in his. “Cathy …would you do me the honor of accepting this promise ring?” he whispered.
“Yes,” Cathy whispered, the tears now spilling down her cheeks with joy. “I would be glad to wait for you, Sam.”


Monday, January 3, 2011

Reviews for Make a Wish

THE best book EVER!!!!
 Do you ever wish your dream could come true? Or that you could have just one more moment with a deceased love one to tell them how much they meant to you? If you do, then this is an absolutely FANTABULOUS book just for you. This author is like no other author, and God truly uses her to share happiness in the lives of others. I'm still, as I sit here sharing my thoughts on this book, in awe of how completely incredible this book is.

In this "Make a Wish" book, Marlayne Giron creates short stories from peoples wishes. These stories play out like they would if it really happened. Marlayne, at the beginning of each "wish"/chapter tells a little bit about the person and their wish, and then jumps into the wish fulfillment story that stars that wish maker. Each wish is unique, some are about dreams and hopes of marrying prince charmings or knights in shining armor, some about getting that one more moment with a loved one, and some of them about getting one more chance to walk again. No matter what they are about, though, each have something in common with the one before it: they are all gifts from God. They are, simply put: beautiful. Of course, while many while make you smile, you must have LOTS of Kleenex available, for you will cry rivers after reading some (or, in my case, ALL) of them.

If there was any way possible, I would give this book 5 TRILLION stars instead of simply 5. Yes, it will remind you a lot of the "Make A Wish Foundation", but it's beautiful just like that. This book of wish fulfillments isn't just for kids, like the MAW Foundation....it's for ALL of God's wonderful children, both young and old. So, whether you have a wish or not, I HIGHLY recommend this book to every one. You will fall in love with the book and it's author. And, if you didn't have a wish before, this book will leave you wishing...and hoping...and dreaming. And, if that happens, you should contact Marlayne! With God's guidance, she'll make it come true for you. I should know-she fulfilled my wish for me, too!- http://reviewsbymolly.blogspot.com/

Heart touching fairy tales for real life
Do you have a moment in time you wish you could relive? Do you ever wish your dream could come true? Or that you could have just one more moment with a deceased love one to tell them how much they meant to you? Everyone does, no matter what their age. Author Marlayne Giron has found the way to make this happen for several people in a very unique, faith-filled way.

In "Make a Wish", Marlayne Giron creates short stories from people's wishes. At the beginning of each chapter Marlayne tells a little bit about the person and their wish, then jumps into their wish fulfillment story. Each wish is unique, some about hopes of marrying, whether it be a Japanese Christian, a Prince Charming, or a noble Knight. A few are about getting that one more moment with a loved one, a chance to say what you didn't get to say or to let them know how much you miss them and love them. For one, it is about one more chance to walk again, and another, a chance to say what he never can to his parents, play basketball with his father and take his mother and sister for a day of pampering. No matter what they are about, though, they all have one thing in common: all are gifts from God. You will run through many emotions while reading Marlayne's wish fulfillment stories - laughter, happiness, joy, sadness and heartache. But your heart and soul will be touched in a beautiful, uplifting way.-I highly recommend reading "Make A Wish" to everyone.
- Beverly Grider (Beverly's Bookshelf)

The Silver and Gold of Writing
What Marlayne Giron has done with the hardships of life is nothing short of amazing. It has often been said there is a silver lining beneath every dark cloud. Although, that is a gentle word of encouragement, the difficult part is fighting through the darkness to see that glimpse of silver. Making a Wish takes the hopes of the oppressed and hurting on a journey into their dreams to search for the silver lining. Even when circumstance will not allow for a physical change in reality, one can never stop the heart from dreaming...wishing...hoping. When we can do that beneath the wings of Christ, the silver lining becomes nothing less than golden. Marlayne Giron has taken these true-to-life wishes and adorned them with jewels of hope and encouragement. She has taken the idea of a wish, and in the gentleness of her words, turned back time for just a moment...because sometimes; all we need is a moment.

Making a Wish will stir your heart, swipe at your emotion and make you stretch your arms toward the love of an amazing God. Stretch--dream--wish...for wishes can come true. - Cindy Sproles, ChristianDevotions.us Editor

Make a Wish...Poignant and Powerful
Imagine a quadriplegic man walking again, experiencing sensation in his legs and running! It is the fondest wish of a man confined to a wheel chair since the age of fourteen, so his friend, Marlayne writes a story that fulfills his wish. She writes a story where he is the main character and can walk!

Another one of the stories, sees a young J.R.R. Tolkien fan become an "elf" and live amongst the fantasy characters that Tolkien created in his Lord of the Rings books. A woman, mourning the sudden and inexplicable loss of her daughter, experiences one last memory-making afternoon with her; another woman battling cancer and fearful of dying is visited by other dear family members who have come back to her from heaven to encourage and to calm her fears. A family that loves watching the T.V. show "Extreme Home Makeovers" get their wish to get a brand new home. An infertile young couple get to experience the joy of holding their own child... Every story comes to life with vibrant detail and throughout the telling, the author fulfills the wish of every person and gives all glory to God in the process. This is a brilliant concept, (using fiction to bless individuals in such a poignant and profound manner) and the story lines have such limitless potential! Encouraging in every way, this book is a beautiful tribute to each individual the author blesses with a "wish".
I absolutely loved this book! - Lynn Dove

Review: Have you ever wished for just one more day with a deceased loved one?  Have you ever wished for something that was entirely impossible?  If you have, you'll enjoy Make a Wish: Stories Written for Real People Where They are the Star.

Make a Wish is a compilation of short stories.  Each story features one person whom Marlayne Giron, the author knows.  The stories reflect the main characters' deepest desires, whether they are to see a loved one again, be free from a physical limitation, or realize a long-held dream.

Each story is different in its own way, and each one was touching, especially when you put the story in context with the main character's real life.  This book kept making me cry, the stories were so tender and sweet.  There is a Christian element to Make a Wish in that several of the stories feature a loved one up in heaven.  I'm no great fan of short stories, which is what kept this from being a five-star book for me personally, but I did really enjoy this book. - http://idsoratherbereading.blogspot.com/ 

Exceptionally Heartfelt Storytelling by An Amazing Wordsmith!

It is not by accident that I am posting the review for this book on Valentine's Day. One of the most loving gifts I received last year was my own Wish Fulfillment story, entitled `Sword of the Spirit' (you can see my blog post here ([...]).
The story is included in this book.

The stories range from heartwarming to laugh out loud funny. Marlayne has a real gift for writing; each of the stories is a pleasure to read.

`Butterfly Kisses,' about a young lady taken from this earth far too soon, is especially poignant. `No Ordinary Day at the Mall' is Hannah, a Christian home-schooled blogger's story about her future husband - featuring her favorite - lots of flowers! It started out at the mall - but did not end there! That is a fun one! `Wistful Wedding' is amazing - a dream come true!

I especially liked the story in Chapter 35, entitled, "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes." This is the real-life story of how Marlayne met her husband, Michael. What a sweet, sweet story! They have been married for 24 wonderful years!

Marlayne has an amazing writing style; I love to read her work! Some people just have that gift, and she is definitely one of them. And she takes the person's original wish to whole new levels of tenderness and care. She is so creative and her writing is so descriptive; her imagination knows no bounds. Marlayne - take me away!

I can't think of any other book that is quite like this book. It is a combination of feel-good stories and tearjerkers that you don't find every day. You can set the book on your nightstand and read it over and over again.

The great news is that some Christian publishing companies are interested in publishing this book, as well as future books from Marlayne's computer. I just know this book would appeal to a mass audience, and I look forward to seeing where God takes Marlayne on her publishing journey, which is all to glorify her Lord!

The digital version of this book was generously provided to me by the author for review purposes.
Reviewed by Andrea Schultz - Ponderings by Andrea blog - [...]


Monday, November 29, 2010

Make a Wish

I just wanted to let you all know that my next book, "Make a Wish" will be released sometime after the new year through Amazon.  It is a compilation of over 30 short stories written as gifts for real people, some of which have been posted on my blog, Wish Fulfillment Stories.  Some of the stories are fun and romantic while others are deeply emotional and inspirational.   I have been told by just about every recepient of a story that it made them weep for a good 30 minutes or has deeply impacted their faith and walk with God.
I have created a Facebook Fan Page (click on the book cover to go to the link) and I hope you will stop by and "like" it.  For those of you for whom I have written stories, I hope you will tell your family and friends about it. As far as I am aware, I am the only author who has written custom-made stories for people free upon request.
Here is the link below:

Click on the book cover to go to the fanpage on FB
Click on the book cover to go to the fanpage on FB

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Basket Full of Wishes

I have two children, Chris and Aimee, almost 8 grandbabies (four for each of them). I wish that they all lived close to me so that I could enjoy my babies. My biggest wish is that they be saved and that Chris will find the job that he needs. I would like for my children’s dad to open his eyes and believe that there is a God and to be saved.  I would love to have a major break thru for my book and it becomes a best seller. I would love to find my soul mate. We could go fishing, go hiking in the woods, ride four wheelers and go motorcycle riding, boating and all the things that make life enjoyable.
I have a secret wish that is hard for anybody to understand but I would love to have such an anointing on my life that people could see it all over me and that God would give me the gift of singing in the holy language of the Angels (Singing in tongues) and that people would be saved thru this.  Also, the gift of healing so  I could lay hands on sick people and have them be healed, especially Mary.
“A Basket Full of Wishes”
            Mable sat at her kitchen table, eating a bowl of cold cereal for dinner. There was little point in cooking anymore when she was the only one in the house (other than her pets).  She was tired from her long day at work and enjoyed the peace of quiet of her home, but it sure got lonely a lot. All of her children and grandbabies lived too far away for her to visit whenever she had the whim (which was always). She stared out the kitchen window at the fading light of day and was surprised to see someone coming up the walk carrying a big box.
            Suddenly the doorbell rang. Mable popped up and had it open in a jiffy but the delivery person was no where to be seen. She stepped outside and looked all the way around but could see no one nor any sign of a truck. Well, that was strange!
            She bent over to pick up the enormous box wondering how she was going to lift it much less get it through the doorway but it was very light; almost as if it were completely empty. She managed to get it through the doorframe and plopped it onto the kitchen table so she could get a better look at the return address. She guffawed instantly; this had to be someone’s idea of a joke. All it said was “GOD”. The ship to address wasn’t much better: “MABLE”
            She went out the front door again and this time circled her property. No one was lurking about to watch their little practical joke play out. No cars were loitering on the street.
            “Harumph!” Mable snorted. She went back into the house, got a scissors and sliced the duct tape that sealed the box shut. I bet it’s a bunch of shredded newspaper with fake doggie pooh!  She had the flaps open in seconds. No foul odors greeted her nostrils. So far so good…She reached in and pulled out a large wicker basket. “Oohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she couldn’t help cooing. It was beautiful. The handle was festooned with raffia and real sunflowers, hyacinth, and snapdragons. The obligatory red plaid tablecloth edges peeked out from under the lid. On the handle was a note with handwriting.
            “ONE AT A TIME” it read. Mable’s brow furrowed. What in heaven’s name did that mean? She opened the lid, reached in and found a single scrap of paper.
            “Open the front door.” It read. Mable put her hands on her hips in disbelief. Now the basket was giving her orders! She reached in to see what the next note would read, hoping it would be something more interesting…like the winning lotto numbers and the winning ticket…”OPEN THE DOOR!!!” This time in all capital letters.
            “Well okay!” griped Mable loudly. Great…now she was talking to a picnic basket! Might as well play along…she went to the front door and flung it open.
            Mable screamed and jumped back. There on the stoop were her kids, Chris and Aimee with their families and all eight of her grandbabies!!
            “MOM! GRANDMA!!” They all tumbled in; taking turns kissing and hugging her. Mable was too overjoyed to question them and ushered them all inside.
            “I wish I’d a known y’all were coming – I would have fixed y’all something to eat! She exclaimed. The moment she turned around she found them all seated around the table that held the basket. The oldest kids began to pull things out one by one. First it was a large Tupperware filled with hot fried chicken. Next came biscuits, then corn on the cob, then a green salad and finally a plate of Angel Fluff brownies. The house became filled with aroma of food. “Where did-“ she began to ask then decided not to. Better to play along and see what happened next. She sat down next to Chris who planted a kiss upon her cheek.
“Mom – I have some good news!” he said inbetween mouthfuls of chicken and biscuit.
            “What is it, baby?” she said, smiling at him in anticipation.
            “I just got a great job and you’ll never guess where the company headquarters is!”
            “That’s right! How’d ya know?” Chris replied, his eyes wide.
Mable glanced at the basket. “Uh…a little bird told me.” She fibbed.
“They’re paying for the relocation and everything! Not only that, but they hired Aimee’s husband too so we’ll ALL be moving back…and just in time for CHRISTMAS!”
A strange feeling began to come over Mable. She felt this overwhelming desire to cry and laugh at the same time. She glanced at the basket again; somehow it managed to look like it was grinning at her.  She enjoyed her family’s company for the rest of the evening, talking and laughing late into the night. Soon they all piled out of the door, several sleepy grandbabies draped over the shoulders of their parents as they called out their goodnights and promises to be all together soon. Mable closed the door, prepared to do a sink full of dishes only to find that all had already been cleared up.
She craned her neck back and looked up at the ceiling, cupping her hand to her mouth. “Okay, Lord…what next?” she shouted. She jumped almost 3 feet off the floor and screamed when a telephone began to loudly ring from inside the basket! With every jingle the entire thing vibrated violently and began to move towards the edge. Mable dived and caught the basket just as it tipped over the edge; the phone inside still ringing madly. She was almost afraid to answer it.
“Hello?” she ventured, wondering whose voice would be on the other end. Jesus? Moses? The Tooth Fairy…?
“Mable?” bawled the voice on the other end inbetween sobs. “Is that you?”
“Junior?” she responded, pulling the receiver away to look at it as though his face would pop out of the ear piece.
“Make it stop! Make it stop!”
“Make what stop, Junior?”
“Those black things flying around my house all afternoon shrieking like the devil!” Get away from me! She could hear him scream to the things in his house. “Mable, it’s like the pit of hell opened up into my living room! There’s now here I can hide! The shrieking is terrible and they won’t stop pinching me! They keep telling me I’m going to die tonight unless you intercede on my behalf and go down into the underworld!!”
Mable stared at the phone again. “Junior – is this your idea of a sick joke?”
His bloodcurdling scream was the only response she got. She heard the phone on the other end fall to the floor and the voice of her ex-husband pleading. Her heart suddenly became very fearful for him. A warm sensation began to build in her throat, rising higher and higher until it filled her mouth. She opened her arms and mouth wide, closed her eyes and gave in the song that filled the house and rocked it on its foundations. A joyous song filled with overwhelming power.  It was so magnificent she couldn’t believe it was issuing from her own vocal chords! The music went into the phone and despite the fact she was no longer holding the receiver to her ear, she could her her ex-husband quietly plainly regain his courage and order the “things” from his home in the name of Jesus. “Keep singing, Mable!” she heard him yell. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop – they shrieking in pain and disappearing! Keep singing!”
Books, vases, dishes, cups and glasses rattled inside the cupboards as Mable’s song grew more and more anointed. Junior kept screaming encouragements until finally, after what seemed an eternity, all evil had been put to flight. He returned to the phone, sobbing like a baby. “Mable?”
“Junior?” Mable clutched the phone, shaking, exhausted and exhilarated all at the same time. “Are you okay? What just happened?”
“You drove them out,” panted Junior, his voice all atremble. “I don’t know where they came from or why but your singing drove them out.” He began to sob. “I’m so afraid, Mable. What if they come back? What am I going to do?” He was absolutely terrified.
“Junior – do you truly want them to never come back? What are you willing to do to make sure they don’t?”
“Anything!” he screamed. “I’ll die of a heart attack and go to hell if they come back! Please, please – tell me what to do!” This is what Mable had been waiting most of her life to hear.
“If you pray with me and repeat everything I say and mean it with all your heart, they will never come back again.” She promised. She could hear that Junior was convulsed with sobs but also that he was listening very closely. After several moments of silence he answered.
“Okay,” he said in a small voice. “I’ll pray.” Mable then slowly and deliberately lead him in a prayer of repentance; unable to resist having him list and name all the things he had done wrong by her and his family.  Junior was in no shape to argue or be prideful anymore. He was convinced that if he did not pray at that moment and receive God’s forgiveness then all the demons would return and this time they would take him down the hell with them! When it was over Mable was completely drained and Junior was exhuberant. “I don’t know why in tarnation it took me this long to come to my senses!” he crowed, jumping up and down.
“Because you were a prideful fool who needed the hell scared out of him!” Mable retorted with a smile. “Junior…it’s been a day. You’re safe now and I need to get to sleep. I’m done in and I have to get up early for my first book signing at Walmart.”
“Okay! Okay!” he said, giggling like a little girl. “I’m going to find my old Bible and start reading, right after I dump out all the booze in the house!”
“You do that!” Mable grinned and hung up. She watched as the basket lid slowly floated down and closed and waited some more. When nothing further happened she shrugged and went to get ready for bed. She slept like a baby that night and rose before the alarm, anxious to see what the basket would do next. She opened the lid but all she found was a punch of black felt pens and several bottles of water and some snack foods.
She quickly got ready, a bit nervous. She had never done a book signing before. Her local Walmart had agreed to let her bring a small box of her books to sell but had done nothing to promote or advertise the event. Mable had invited everyone she could through email and Facebook but no one had RSVPd they would come. She’s give it the college try for an hour, then pack it up and do some shopping. She drove in the early morning towards the superstore and was peeved to run into a traffic snarl about two blocks away. She made a quick u-turn and found the less known way back to the Walmart but still was perplexed as to the line of cars snaking in to find a parking space. The lot was completely filled. Must be having some sort of super giveaway she thought to herself, parking in the employee lot where she had a space set aside for her. She walked into the employee entrance with her box of books, pens, water and snacks, entered the main store just inside the book department and froze. About a thousand pairs of eyes all instantly riveted onto her face and the crowd broke into a simultaneous roar of welcome. Hundreds of camera flashes went off; blinding her.
Everything in Mable’s arms crashed onto the floor while her mouth gaped open like a cavern. There was a line of people snaking in and out among the display racks as far as the eye could see. Posters of her book were everywhere with the words screaming out: “MABLE DOTSON – TODAY ONLY! SIGNING COPIES OF HER BESTSELLER!”  Some of the Walmart employees rushed to gather up her dropped items.
“Good thing you brought a lot of pens!” a young girl smiled at her, placing them back upon the table. “You’re going to need them!”
Mable allowed herself to be lead to the signing table. The young girl even had to put the first pen in her hand before she could utter a coherent word. “I didn’t bring enough books.” She finally managed to observe out loud. The salesgirl smiled at her and gestured to several dozen cartons.
“We’ve got plenty! Believe you me!” she grinned. For the next four hours, Mable did nothing but murmur hello’s and autograph her name to copies of her book. She vaguely remembered taking dozens of pictures with “fans” who bought a copy but she couldn’t remember a single thing anyone had said to her. By the time the last book was autographed; she was completely exhausted. The store manager came up to her and helped her from the chair her butt had been glued to for the past half a day.
“Mable Dotson, I’m a big fan!” he grinned, clutching one of her books to his chest. “I managed to hide one for myself. Would you mind?” Mable looked up to find a good looking middle aged man with salt and pepper hair grinning at her.
“How would you like it autographed?” she asked, unable to tear her eyes away from his baby blues. She glanced down at his left hand…no ring.
“To Sam,” he said as she scribbled upon the page. “…and don’t forget your phone # so I can ask you out for a date! Do you like to do out-doorsy stuff?”
Mable looked up at him in shock and then bellowed with laughter. He was so forward but in such a flirtatiously delicious way that she didn’t mind. She grinned at him and wrote her phone number down in very large print. Sam picked up the book, took her hand in his and kissed her palm.
“I’ll be picking you up on my Harley!” he said then left to supervise the cleanup of her book signing.
Despite her fatigue, Mable felt exhilarated. She walked on air all the way back to her car and drove home, anxious to open the basket again and see what would happen next. When she walked in the door, instead of the basket all she saw was her well used and beloved Bible sitting open on the kitchen table. A scripture verse seemed to be glowing but before she could look at it the phone rang.
“Mable? Whatcha been doing?” came the beloved voice of her close friend Mary. “Darling – you will just not believe what happened to me today!”
“What?” replied Mable, getting her reading glasses onto her nose so she could read the glowing print better.
“I got a message today to call you and ask you for prayer because tonight was the night God is going to totally heal me of all my infirmities and He wants to use you to do it!”
A thrill went down Mable’s spine and she knew the words that Mary spoke were true.
“Well then, let’s pray right now!” she said. When she was done they were both praising the Lord and giving Him glory. Mary had felt as though liquid honey had been poured all over her from the moment Mable had begun to pray. She could feel her kidneys renewed, her stomach come back to healthy life, her esophagus healed and the gout in her leg recede. Her entire body was tingling with new life and they both knew that at long last, after years of suffering, God had finally healed her.
Mable opened her eyes and was finally able to read the scripture from her Bible: “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:23-25
“So who gave you the message to call me today?” Mable asked, rubbing her eyes with fatigue.
“It was a note that came inside this crazy picnic basket that some mysterious person delivered to my house today!” replied Mary.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes (the fulfillment of my own wish in real life)

This is a true story about how I met my Prince Charming, my husband, Michael.

It was 1978, I was 18 and had never gone out on a date nor had a boyfriend. I wasn’t weird looking but it seemed as though God had put a large “kiss off” sign on my forehead to keep members of the opposite sex away. I was commuting to Los Angeles daily on the public bus to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (“FIDM”) where the chances of meeting a normal, nice Christian male interested in the opposite sex were extremely dismal. I had just become a Christian the year before and was spending my hour long commute nagging the Lord daily about wanting to go out on a date. I was feeling quite desperate!

On one particular day I think the good Lord had had enough of my “kvetching” and while ‘lucky dipping’ through my Bible, the following scripture jumped off the page at me. I could almost actually hear the Holy Spirit yelling the verse at me: “DELIGHT YOURSELF IN THE LORD AND HE WILL GIVE YOU THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART!!!” At the same time, a still small voice in my head told me to write a story that would portray my wishes being fulfilled.

I went home that day, uncovered my Smith Corona typewriter and began typing away. The title of the book was: “Jesus Wave-walker, Jesus Joy-giver”, a pretty lame title now that I look back on it but it turned out to be a pretty prophetic tale. I put myself in the story and described how the Lord called me up on the phone to take me out on a date and during that date He “introduced” me to the man He had chosen for me. At this point, I must digress and tell you that the name for my future husband, whoever he was, was always “Michael”. I prayed for Michael by name and even made a list of all the attributes I desired in my future mate: a good Christian, funny, handsome (to me anyway), had a large family, nice friends, a good work ethic, responsible, trustworthy, kind, handy, played guitar….and oh yes…had kept himself pure from women. Whenever I would tell my friends this last one they would shake their heads at me and whisper “Good luck!” under their breath. I finished my short story naming the character of the man he chosen for me as Michael. I then illustrated my book (drawing myself the way I wished I looked) as well as my “dream man”, Michael.

Fast forward four years. I was at my 8th or 9th College and Career Church Retreat in the hopes of meeting a nice Christian boy. In the past 4 years I had left FIDM, gotten a job and moved to Orange County, met my first love, Barry, (who had died 4 months previous from a brain aneurism) and was still grieving even though my feelings for him had been unrequited. I was friends with a house full of Christian men but was still being treated like one of “the guys”. I was quickly becoming resigned to the fact that I was going to die an old maid when I looked across the crowded room of the retreat’s dining room and saw a face that caught my eye (just like that verse in the song “Some Enchanted Evening in South Pacific). He was pretty handsome and I remember thinking that he was probably stuck up because he was so handsome! The next thing I knew, he was sitting next to me.

We exchanged smiles and introduced ourselves.

“Hi,” I said. “My name is Marlayne.”

“I’m Michael,” was his reply.

My ears perked up but I said nothing about his name for fear of scaring him away. Interesting, I thought. We talked politely for a few minutes then said our goodbye’s when breakfast was done. From that moment on I was his shadow. We ended up talking for hours about cartoons, my first love then his first love; the fact that I was a Messianic Jew and on and on until the stars came out and it was time to go to our respective cabins. It had snowed that weekend (despite being April) and we threw snowballs at each other the next day. I didn’t even mind when he put his arm around me and kissed my forehead (which normally would have scared me off). The last day of the retreat I was starting to fret because Michael still had not asked for my phone number. After Sunday morning’s Bible study we would all be going our separate ways and if he didn’t ask for my phone number I would probably never see him again. With that in mind, I asked to see his Bible. He handed it over to me and I wrote my name and phone number inside the front cover and handed it back reasoning that I rather come off as forward than die a spinster.

The following day, back at home I told my roommate about meeting Michael and how we had hit it off. As I left our apartment to visit Barry’s parents, I gave her some very specific instructions: “Now, Theresa, if a guy by the name of Michael calls… don’t say anything to him but call me at the Henriot’s house and let me know.” She agreed and to my delight while I was having dinner with Ruth and Al, she called and sang out: “Michael caaaalled!!”

I was ready at that moment to call him right back (impatient person that I am) but I distinctly felt the Lord instructing me to wait an entire day. If you know me at all you would know what absolute torture this was but I obeyed and waited.

The next day I called Michael back and in a very nonchalant voice said: “Hi! I heard you called yesterday.” (Little did he know that I was jumping up and down for glee at that moment.) Michael then asked me out on a date for the following weekend with his sister, her husband and another couple to go to Westwood to see the rerelease of Fantasia. I went right out and bought myself a whole new outfit for the occasion and when I opened the door of my apartment the following Saturday and saw Michael standing there I couldn’t help but think “Oh my… is he ever handsome!”

After the movie we went to Hamburger Hamlet for dinner as a six-some. Little did I know until several years later that something very unusual took place during that date while I was in the ladies room. His sister’s friend, Tina, who had never laid eyes on me until that night, had turned to Michael’s sister, Debbie and asked her: “Well, what do you think of Marlayne?”

“She seems nice,” had been Debbie’s polite response.

“Well that’s Michael’s future wife.” Tina informed everyone. Michael was instantly incensed. He couldn’t stand this girl and how opinionated she was, so the fact that she had just said this to him instilled the exact opposite reaction. NO WAY NOW! Were his thoughts at the time but God had other plans.

We dated for the next four years but 9 months into our relationship I finally got up the courage to show him my story with his name and face in it. It was a good thing I had waited until he was really “hooked” because if I had shown it to him early in our relationship he would have high tailed it for the hills! Almost five years after we met we were married. I put my prophetic story on display at our reception so everyone could see how God had brought us together – and haven’t seen it since. It simply disappeared.

My list? Oh yes, Michael fulfilled everything I had put on my list, including the last item!!

That was almost 23 years ago and we are still happily married. Michael and I were recently discussing that story and my history of other men avoiding me like they had seen a giant “kiss off” sign plastered on my forehead when Michael said one of the sweetest things to me I have ever heard:

“Well, honey, I didn’t see the words: ‘kiss off’ on your forehead…” he reassured me, planting a tender kiss on said spot. “I saw the words: KISS HERE.”

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Horses & Picnics

My name is Amelia. I am 10 years old. I have five brothers- Harrison, Addison, Brendan, Tate, and Nate. My family home schools and we have started a family business of making videos. We have just finished making our first one called "The Runner from Ravenshead." My family and Mrs.Giron met at CHEA, a home school convention, where we were selling our movie. She was selling her book in a booth right next to us. I have always loved horses, although I have never owned one. One of my favorite colors of horses (although I love them all) is black. My family lives in Albany, Oregon.

Thank you, Mrs. Giron, for taking the time to write a story for me. I enjoyed it very much. Hopefully we can see you again sometime soon.

Amelia sat on her bed reading a book about her favorite subject: horses. Suddenly she heard a strange noise coming from outside her bedroom window. She looked out and there in the front yard was the most beautiful horse she had ever seen. It was all white; so white it looked like it was actually glowing! The horse looked right up at her through the window and neighed loudly as if calling to her. Amelia felt a thrill go up her spine.

She raced downstairs and out the front door, letting it slam open. The horse was standing right there and it almost looked like he was smiling at her! He tossed his head a few times and Amelia understood that he wanted her to climb into the saddle. He was just the perfect size to mount without any help or the need for a stepstool. She climbed into the saddle and with a loud whinny suddenly a pair of gorgeous white angel wings sprouted out of him. The horse leaped into the air and beat his great wings. They flew up, up, up high above the clouds which looked like large wads of cotton candy below her. Amelia giggled and laughed aloud with total joy and with each laugh her horse grew larger and larger. After a short ride he began to slowly descend through the clouds, circling down gently so Amelia would not get motion sickness until they landed in a beautiful meadow. He neighed loudly and suddenly there came the sound of distant thunder; only it wasn’t thunder…it was the sound of approaching horse hooves! Amelia looked over to the nearby hill where suddenly over the rise came a small herd of horses in every color and size you could think of. They galloped near and began circling about her until they all surrounded her. Then…as if on command, they all bowed!! They went down on one knee and actually bowed their proud necks!

Amelia could not believe her eyes and wondered inside why they were bowing to her.

“You are their Queen!” spoke the horse upon which she sat, startling her exceedingly. Amelia practically fell out of the saddle she was so surprised.

“You talk?! She exclaimed.

“Of course, your highness!” responded the horse under her.

“Cool!” clapped Amelia. “What’s your name?

“Randolph, your highness!” replied her horse. “What would you like to do today?” Amelia thought about it for a minute then said, “Can we have a picnic with my best friend, Suzanne?”

“I anticipated just such a request and sent Hercules to fetch her for you.”

A neigh from high above their heads sounded and Amelia looked up to see a beautiful black horse with black wings circling down with her best friend, Suzanne, on its back. Amelia bounced up and down in excitement, waving her arms in excitement.

“Over here! Over here!” she yelled. Hercules landed upon the meadow and knelt down so Suzanne could easily dismount. Randolph did the same and the two girls ran for each other, grabbed each other’s hands, and jumped up and down with glee.

“Behold my ladies,” said her horse Randolph. The girls turned around and there on the grass was a picnic blanket and basket full of their favorite goodies.

The girls sat down and began pulling all the wonderful food out of the basket. Amelia’s face fell with dismay; all the food was stuff she couldn’t eat because of her allergies.

“Randolph, I can’t eat any of this,” she said; her disappointment clear.

“Today is different, milady,” replied her horse. “Today you have no food allergies; you may eat everything to your heart’s delight and suffer no ill effects.”

Amelia squealed with delight and dug into the brownies first, then the sandwiches, punch and fresh fruit. When they were done and their tummies pleasantly full they lay back on the grass and watched the clouds perform a show for them. They formed themselves into dancing bears and knights on horseback. Soon the clouds performed an entire play just for them. When it was over the girls clapped their hands in appreciation and then it was time for a ride!

Amelia and Suzanne each jumped into the saddle of their own horse and they cantered over the beautiful green grass filled with flowers for the rest of that day, giggling and even holding hands at times. The other horses followed along and joined them, weaving in and out and almost performing a dance as they ran alongside. When the sun began to set, it was time for them to say their goodbyes.

“See you tomorrow in the real world, Amelia!” her friend Suzanne said, hugging her goodbye.

“Okay! See you soon!” replied Amelia. They waved goodbye and then Randolph and Hercules took off into the sky and brought each girl safely home before bedtime. That night Amelia drifted off to sleep with a happy smile upon her face, thinking of all the wonderful things she had done that day.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mary's Wish

Mary and I have become good friends...sisters actually as a result of the Life and Faith Concert in Richmond, VA where she arranged for me to meet, at long last, Amy Grant. She lost all of her immediately family at a very young age. Her mom and dad both succumbed to cancer when she was only in her teens and then all she had after that was her Aunt Mary Anne and her sister, who died tragically in a head-on collision when Mary was only 18. Mary is now waging her own battle with kidney cancer but you would never know it from talking to her. She loves the Lord and trusts Him like a child despite all the physical and financial trials she is going through right now. This is her Wish Story and I hope it blesses your heart as much as it did hers. She is a wonderful woman and needs your daily prayers.

Mary cuddled her Yorkshire Terrier, Luke, close to her cheek. He seemed her only comfort lately. Things had gone so badly; their finances were a wreck, her health was not looking good and it was a daily struggle to get up and soldier on; keeping her faith intact and trusting in her precious Lord regardless of the circumstances. Sensitive to her every mood, Luke planted doggie kisses all over her face in his attempt to comfort her. Dogs are truly furry angels sent by God,she thought to herself.

She got up from the couch, restless at heart and wishing she knew what to do about all the trials that were confronting her. She opened the front door to go outside and stood blinking in bewilderment. Instead of looking out her front door at her front yard, she was looking into the family room of place that had been very near and dear to her heart.

“Is that you, Mary?” called an achingly familiar voice. A head poked around the corner of the wall and Mary felt her heart clench with joy and shock.

“Auntie Mary Anne?” she whispered; unable to believe her eyes. Her aunt’s full body came into view with arms outstretched to embrace her. Mary didn’t question the how or why; she just flew into the arms of the woman that had meant so much to her over the years and allowed her tears to flow freely. Her Aunt just held her close, rubbed her back and cooed softly into her ear endearments that she had not heard in years.

“Come and sit down, honey,” her aunt finally said, leading her to an overstuffed couch. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Mary allowed herself to be settled down, little Luke jumping up into her lap panting and smiling. “Tell your auntie what’s on your heart.”

It was all Mary needed to hear for the floodgates to open. She had been holding in her emotions so much for so long; trying to be strong but now the “dam had burst”. Her tears came out in a torrent as she unburdened her heart and her beloved Aunt sat quietly, her arms about her, letting her vent. When it was over, Mary felt cleansed and lighter inside than she had been in a long time. Her aunt wiped the tears from her cheeks with a gentle smile.

“I can’t promise that things will get better while on this side of heaven, sweetheart,” she said. “But the Master has heard your heart’s cry and knows all of your burdens and wants you to give them over to Him. In the meantime, He has arranged a little present for you as a sign of His infinite love.”

She swept her arm out and there stood before her the faces of those she had long missed; her sister, her mom, Linda, and her dad who had all been gone for so many years.

They all came forward to embrace her and she found herself weeping and laughing with joy. They all looked young and healthy and had the light of heaven in their faces. Together with Mary and her aunt they all sat down at a dinner table piled high with all their favorite foods and told Mary what they could of the wonders and delights of heaven and how they looked forward to their next and permanent reunion there in the presence of their Redeemer.

“He truly does wipe away all tears from our eyes,” said her aunt, cupping Mary’s cheek in her hand. “Just trust Him, child. That’s all He desires from you; is your child-like trust and in that you have been most faithful.”

“Can’t you all stay here with me?” Mary pleaded, holding her aunt’s hands in hers. “I feel so alone most of the time.”

“My darling daughter,” her mom Linda said, coming over and putting her arms around her. “We have never left you really. We are all with you in our hearts and talk to the Master daily about the trials and tribulations that confront you. You may not see us; but we see you and we love you. One day soon we will all be reunited in our Master’s kingdom and there will be no more sorrow, pain or suffering.”

At that moment, another person entered the room and Mary turned around to find her daughter Linda with a good looking young gentleman. She seemed older and beamed with an inner beauty that bespoke peace and contentment. Mary glanced down and saw a wedding ring on her finger and knew suddenly that this was her baby, Linda, in the future; married and content in heart at last with the man God had chosen for her.

Her aunt stood and slipped an arm about her waist, greeting her daughter and her husband. “My goodness, child, how you have grown!” Mary Anne exclaimed with a laugh throwing her arms out wide. Linda fell into them then introduced her husband to all in the room as if nothing was unusual at all; beaming at her mom with delight and pride. The couple joined them at the table and they talked long into the night, eating and enjoying one another's company.

Finally it was time for the reunion to end. Her mom, dad and Aunt Mary Anne walked her back to the couch, each of them kissing her face in turn and whispering prayers of blessing over her.

“Remember, Mary…we are with you but even more importantly; the Master is watching over you and He loves you infinitely more than we!” With those words of endearment in her ears Mary closed her eyes and when she next opened them she found little Luke sitting on the couch and looking up at a tall stranger, his little tail wagging fiercely.

Mary looked up and for the briefest of moments saw the face of her beloved Redeemer, Jesus, smiling down upon her.

“I am with you always, my dearest one,” spoke His gentle voice, filling her soul with His peace. “Even unto world’s ending. Have no fear.”

My Dream of Heaven

Wish Fulfillment Stories